Social Impact

Socio-Economic status in the cluster before starting the Safurti Phulkari Cluster Project

Estimated literacy rate in the cluster is 65% who have gone up to school level. Benefit of higher education found to be more than 35%. Family members who include wife and children shared about 45% of the work. It has been found that most of worker have more than 6 member in the family. Estimated household income ranges from 11 to 13 thousand per annum. Here in this cluster more than 55% of population depends on farming. As bar as SC/ST is concerned, a few cases reported under such category.
Presently Phulkari is known at the International level, therefore there is a need of more research in this direction. Being a village industry, almost 2 lakh women are associated with this activity in the state, presently. Out of total Phulkari artisans, at least 90% artisans are women.
The trained artisans after taking training of the modern designs and techniques of the craft can stand in a position to self- employ themselves, as there is a big demand for the products in the national and international market. Our society proposes to give job to the artisans by providing them with raw material and considerable compensation of wages for making crafts. Following is the impact of SFURTI.