Cluster Information

Sfurti Phulkari Cluster (TPHWCIS Ltd.) is doing revival of Phulkari art upliftment of Rural technology skill up gradation training to cluster women artisans, training for S.H.G. exposer visit to artisans to other cluster produced development in Phulkari MKT. Training setting up of common facilities centers (CFCs) development of new products, new designs for various Khadi & village industry.

This Sfurti Phulkari cluster project is sponsored by KVIC & organized by TPHWCIS. By seeing organization (TPH WCIS Ltd.) research work in Phulkari & working only in grass root level project given to society. Phulkari cluster, Rajpura is very famous and significant place in Punjab. This is the centre of Chandigarh, Patiala and Ambala. History of Phulkari cluster Rajpura shows the rise and fall of its products.

Rajpura block of Patiala District is selected purposively for Phulkari cluster development project due to having maximum number of Phulkari artisans.

About 550 Phulkari artisans are still working in this cluster. At least 250 workers are depending on full and part time basis upon this industry. The workers are mainly from the local community.

Presently, cluster is mainly controlled by the big traders who are engaging in field of Phulkari and operates from Patiala, Rajpura, Chandigarh, etc.

The villages identified in block viz Mohikalan, Alanpur, Nipra, Rajpura etc. were involved for further use in the said block. During preparation of diagnostic study report, almost 500 family of phulkari artisan were approached.